Around 90% of all call girls work is in Sydney city for the state of NSW. Many of the call girls in Sydney are trying to break into the high end elite market that provides a glamorous and more than comfortable existence. But many of them fail. So why do they fail and how do they continue to make a living? Are they bar tending or baby sitting? Being an escort does not pay bills for most girls. Some of them become strippers and exotic dancers, but some of them turn to porn for extra income.

There are a few Sydney escort agencies around that offer girls extra income, however most of them do not permit the girls to work privately. Therefore the girl has no option but to give up her independence as a private escort or seek other forms of work. This does not apply to all escorts, as some of the smarter and more business minded girls can make substantial income for a lengthy period of time.

Jessica is one of the elite business minded women who have carried themselves successfully in this industry for 2 years. Beginning at 19 and now at the tender age of 21, she has taken on board several degrees of advice from learned and astute women from within the industry who have had similar levels of success. Jessica is one of the girls who has utilised her income to further promote herself and invested wisely in the expansion of her marketing potential.

Dress ups/costume wearing are close to a fantasy without the role play in most cases. There are an amazing array of very different dress ups available and clients quite often request a dress up in line with their fantasy. It’s common for many escorts to display photo of their available costume range, and equally common to request extra fees for the costume to be worn. Some of the more popular outfits that are worn are police woman, nurse, schoolgirl, french maid, secretary. Most guys have a fantasy and seeing an escort dressed up similar to their fantasy provides them a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Many escorts know that guys will simply be jumping over logs to see them in their favourite costume. Previously dress ups were more aligned with strippers but now the escort industry is developing its own niche of fantasy and role play. It is also not unusual for clients to purchase the garments for the escort before they arrive so that they are consumed with the fantasy even further.